Filipino Lechon Baboy Recipe Roasted Pig Pork

Our Filipino Lechon Baboy Recipe Roasted Pig Pork Recipe

Buy The Best Philippine “Lechón” Roasted Pig On-Line
Buy The Best Philippine “Lechón” Roasted Pig On-Line

1 whole pig (about 20 kilos)
black pepper
soy sauce For the stuffing:
5 to 10 bundles lemon grass (tanglad)
20 pcs. bananas (saba variety), peeled then halved or
20 pcs. taro (gabi), peeled

Filipino Lechon Recipe or Roasted Pig Ham or Pork Recipe Cooking Instructions:
1. Clean and prepare the pig by removing innards, washing and scraping innards, washing and scraping the body of bristles. Rinse and allow to drain a bit before stuffing.
2. Rub with salt and pepper inside and out.
3. Rub soy sauce on the skin of the pig. This will make it nice and red when roasted.
4. Stuff the belly of the lechon with lemon grass along with saba and gabi. Sew to close.
5. Skewer the pig and split roast over live charcoal or traditionally, in some parts of Cebu, under live fire. Roast until crisp.
6. Lechon is not served with a sauce. But if a dipping sauce is requested, vinegar with scallions and pepper may be served along with it.

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The Best of Asia 2009 – TIME – Best Pig in the Philippines

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